A Slack workspace where you can make friends and be yourself!

I wanna join!

Uhm I'm already in a ton of Slack groups. Why should I join?

You totally don't have to! We started this because there are times when it’s not convenient for us to go to a coworking space. Slack was the next best thing.

Hang Out
It’s where remote peeps can hang out, be themselves, and share struggles and successes.
It’s where people can collaborate and lift each other up.
Keep In Touch
It’s where we can keep in touch with real life friends and hopefully also make new ones.

Ok, cool! How do I join?

Alright, great! Before you jump in we need to go through a few things.

The most important thing to do before you join is to read our code of conduct. Everyone joining the Slack group is required to agree to this.
Once you agree to the code of conduct, head on over to the Slack sign up form to begin your journey!
Introduce yourself on the #introductions channel. We'd love to get to know you and what you do! Let's be buds.